How to Wear Boyfriend Jeans This Winter


During the summer or rains boyfriend jeans is the easiest to throw on. They become your wardrobe staple and almost is easy to pair with any kind of pieces in your closet. The baggy silhouette though may not seem like the best to be worn during the winter. Oversize coats, puffy jackets, and ankle boots may not seem the most ideal for winter with boyfriend jeans. However, we ask you to reconsider.

These jeans can make a perfect statement during winter and on particularly chilly days you can even layer up the jeans easily. If you are still wondering how to pull off your boyfriend jeans this winter here are some styling tips.

Pair your baggy jeans with an oversize blazer and a button down to look extremely chic.

Tie your boyfriend jeans with a patterned fabric belt to accessorize playfully.

Pull off a statement coat with the help of your boyfriend jeans.

You could also try a statement footwear with a look that is more neutral on the top.

Go for a long sleeve blouse when there are warmer winter days and you don’t feel like bundling up.

A bold puffy jacket boasting a hemline that is cropped can be paired with ankle boots.

The distressed boyfriend jeans look edgy and you can complete your look with ankle boots and a bomber jacket.

Layer your tee with cardigan and coat to absolutely elevate your winter look.

Go for a statement strappy white heels and oversized coat to translate the effortlessness style and pair the outfit with a light wash boyfriend jeans.

Wear a sweater with a leather jacket.

Full hand with scarf and ankle boots will be totally perfect outfit with the baggy jeans.

A long cardigan with a striped tee underneath and distressed jeans are a casually perfect outfit.

(Photo credit: Pinterest)