How to Make a Woman Friendly Environment in your Workplace


Every entrepreneur is aware that her company’s productivity and profitability is dependent on the quality of workers they employ. They search for employees with a balanced combination of people and work skills who can work well with the clients and other employees. A great responsibility of a recruiter is to employ the right candidate for the Office.

More than attracting new employees with salary and benefits, there are many such measures that organisations today can implement so as to ensure that the valuable female workforce is acquired and retained.

Flexible work hours

Flexi hours help in maintaining work-life balance and it is especially a necessity for women who have school-age children or who are the primary care takers for their families.

Child care support

Even if onsite child care is not affordable for you, you might think of partnering with a local child care facility so as to provide subsidised or reduced rates.

Opportunity for promotion

Both men and women will perform better when there is a clear path to promotion as well as leaders in current positions who demonstrate leadership.

Dress for your day

One of employees’ favourite perks is to be able to dress casually when no customer meetings are scheduled.

Maternity adoption and leave

Do you have a policy about time off for new parents? And more importantly, you’ll need a process to re-integrate the employees into the business when they return.

Wellness initiatives

Large companies are able to offer a wellness program, but small companies can take small steps to reach the same result. Find a local gym to partner with for a membership discount. Bring in the occasional yoga teacher. Or hire a nutritionist to speak once a quarter to your employees. All of these small initiatives demonstrate to your employees that you honour a culture of wellness.

Safety of women

Nowadays, women also work late or work in night/graveyard shifts. They entrust the company with their safety and wellbeing and the company must reciprocate with appropriate measures like adequate security staff, surveillance and security within and around the office premises.

Equal treatment of all employees

With women in the workforce, it is essential to have basic amenities like separate restrooms for women and well equipped medical facilities that suit women’s needs.