How Men Can Style Long Hair Brilliantly


You have jumped into innovation if you have long hair as a man. Now you need to maintain it not in hair colors or a haircut or while lying on your pillow. It is about showing creativity and style in your hair daily. Hair falling flat on the shoulder is a complete fail for a man with a great mane.

Here is how you can style your shoulder-length mane brilliantly.

Beginners should stick to a side-parted style of hair. Keep things messy on the side and combed in the front. Your hair should be out of your face and not falling all over.

To add to the part that you need to keep the hair off your face, you can blow dry your hair backward and keep it resting behind your ears. You don’t want it to seem that you are incapable of handling your brilliant mane.

Now another style you can go for is similar to the first one but without parting your hair. A messy hair that doesn’t look intentionally messed but also is not a total wreck.

Simply center part the hair and ensure your hair is in your face and behind your ears neatly whether you flaunt curls or straight hair.

To give your hair a certain wavy and volume look you need to use some good amount of settling spray, pomade, and intense blow drying. Whenever you have time to occasionally get this style this is how you can make it work and not appear too long.

Flatten out your hair for formal occasions where you need to wear proper suit attire. It is clean looking style from the rather unkempt style and uses wax for this style, not pomade.

When you don’t really feel like putting any efforts into styling your hair just cover it up with a dope looking head accessory.

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