How Do People Become Successful At Their Very First Job?


People may all set their own goals to achieve in life; however, there are still numerous stories about business failure, bankrupt business people, millions of people unemployed and a series of crimes.


What caused all this and what should people do in their journey for success?

Success not only comes from knowledge and never depends on individual’s IQ; it is a journey in which individuals make their effort to overcome limitations in thinking, their skill and spirit in dealing with problems, and the tactfulness in communication. If people who fail think “man proposes, God disposes”, successful people are those who are masters of their own thinking to decide their fates.

To get rid of those negative factors and master our thinking, each individual needs to free his or herself from inherent limitations; and to get the “sweet fruit” waiting for you at the end of the road, you need to own an interior strength and know how to control your own emotions.

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You need to concretize and have faith in your goals, free yourself from your immanent limitations, adjust your emotions and be tactful in communication. Never cite objective reasons for your failure to achieve your goals. Let’s take Nick Vujicic as an example: he has defeated his fate to become a successful and happy man who has inspired millions of people with his strength, his faith in himself and supreme patience.


It is good to be ambitious as in having interests in many fields and wanting to become an expert at those. But we must be practical when dealing with life.
1. Do some introspection.
2. Explore your aptitudes and decide which one is your favourite.
3. Prepare a list of all the things you are interested in and start giving them points based on the various factors like your environment, opportunities available to you now, etc.
4. Take the thing that scored the highest, be it any skill or hobby.
5. You must choose carefully, consider the pros and cons.
6. Start developing it, venture into the internet. Join blogs, groups, etc for it and meet those who already good it. Ask them their story and learn from them.
7. Talk to your trusted friends and parents about it, they’ll give you moral support to excel in whatever you chose.
8. Most importantly, never sidetrack your studies. Academics is always the best backup plan

Start as you intend to continue and finish.

If you want to be excellent, known for your excellence, or if you want to be a great contributor then start that way. Don’t start slowly or waste your time. Engage early in the first day the way you intend to continue. Hopefully excellent.

Listen a lot, especially in the early days.

You know what you know, but you don’t know what you don’t know and you don’t know the manifestations of things that you already know in this new environment. Listen and learn the local language and then reflect that back in your own conversations and in your own actions.

office meetingAs you listen, look for the points of pain.

Look for the issues that bother most people in all places of the organization chart. See what the issues are that maybe you can add some value to or bring a new perspective to before you become inculcated in the culture.


  • Be friendly
  • Ask for an initial interview
  • Be ambitious, but don’t rock the boat
  • Sacrifice time to build dependability
  • Network to understand the structure
  • Work to enhance credibility
  • Find a mentor
  • Connect with your team
  • Communicate with others
  • Listen
  • Be resourceful
  • Observe your surroundings
  • Be confident

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