From a Hotel Waiter to Dr. Asthana: The Untold Story of Boman Irani


Boman Irani is possibly the most prominent comedian in Bollywood today.

But his way to success has been equally hard and took a lot of time unlike many!

The man who has done numerous capable roles in significant movies like, Munna Bhai MBBS, 3 Idiots, Dilwale, and so many others, has seen a tormenting childhood, an underrated career graph, and money miseries before becoming the actor he is known as today!

Boman was born on 2nd December 1959 in Mumbai. His family was not well to do so most of the time, they were under financial pressures.

My family was circumstantial. Diwali was not-so-bright, and, Holis were not-so-colorful at times.

-Boman Irani, at India Today.

His childhood has been all sorts of tough, as, at an SRCC Congress, he confessed that he was an introvert kid because of his significant neural disorders.

I was a quiet child at school because I used to lisp. I also had dyslexia and ADHD. However, he coped up with his lisp eventually.

To support his family, after his school he ran his ancestral bakery for quite some time.

Then, he studied a six months waiter course at Mithibai College in Mumbai. After his polytechnic diploma course, he joined the Taj Palace and worked there as a waiter and room service staff.

Eventually, after two years, he got promoted and landed on the rooftop French restaurant, Rendezvous, as a waiter.

As he started getting bored of his life as a waiter, he started trying his hands on photography.

He also started working at theatre plays, which was where one day, Raj Kumar Hirani noticed him. Impressed with performance and stage presence he decided to cast him as Dr. Asthana in his movie Munna Bhai MBBS. And as they say, rest is all history.

On this context, Boman Irani once said:

Success came to me as a result of my stubborn attitude to survive, and, lack of options at disposal as career options. And yes, a very-very sudden but good fortune.