Hina Jaiswal Created History By Becoming The First Indian Female Flight Engineer Of Indian Air Force


Women in our country are also equally competing with men in every field. Indian women are achieving success in almost every field. Women are also getting jobs where only men worked a decade ago. Women are rising in every sector of a job, be it armed forces, education, science, corporate sector etc. Such an amazing example is set up by Hina Jaiswal of Chandigarh.

The Indian Air Force has added Hina Jaiswal as the first Indian women flight lieutenant. Earlier only men were posted in this job profile. She was the flight lieutenant of the 112th helicopter unit of Yelahanka Air Base located in the northern suburb of Bangalore. The Ministry of Defense gave this information about Hina Jaiswal. The Ministry also added said in a statement, “Flight Lieutenant Hina Jaiswal has created history by becoming the first woman flight engineer after completing the course at Yelahanka Air Force Station.”

Hina Jaiswal started working for the Air Force Engineering Branch on January 5, 2015, as a soldier. Before joining the Flight Engineering course, she even worked as the Head of the Firing Team and Battery Commander from Frontline Surface Missile Squad. Hina’s Flight Engineering course got completed on February 15th. Her parents Anita Jaiswal and DK Jaiswal told that her dream is fulfilled now. They told that Hina used to wear uniforms of soldiers since childhood and now her dream is complete.

Hina belongs to Chandigarh and has completed her engineering graduation from Punjab University. According to the statement, “During the course of six months, Hina demonstrated her commitment, dedication, and perseverance while training with her male rivals.” Hena stated, “My achievement to become the first female flight engineer is like a dream fulfillment because I was inspired to wear soldiers’ costumes and become a pilot since childhood.”

Indian Air Force inducts Flight Lieutenant Hina Jaiswal as the first woman flight engineer. She hails from Chandigarh&has completed her Bachelor of Engineering degree from Panjab University. As a Flight Engineer, she would subsequently be posted to operational helicopter units of IAF.

As the flight engineer, Hina will serve the Air Force’s operational helicopter units in the Andaman Sea by the snowy heights of Siachen Glacier. Hina said, “I am excited about my work in aviation and I am ready to face the challenges that come during work.” The flight engineer branch, which is overwhelmingly male soldiers, was also opened in 2018 for women officers. Indian Air Force has got its first female flight engineer. Lieutenant Hina Jaiswal has become the first female flight engineer. Earlier, men had this post only. Several ministers and celebrities have congratulated Hina Jaiswal for such huge success and set an example of millions of women all over India.