Have you used Aadhaar as KYC? Your Mobile Can Be Disconnected


Have you linked your Aadhar card to your Mobile number? And if at all your Aadhaar card was used as KYC then 50 crore Indians are at risk.

Aadhaar data needs to be erased by private firms, and this means more trouble for telecom users. And there is a probability the the Aadhaar KYC SIMs might get disconnected.

After this news was generated, the Telecom Ministry and UIDAI did issue a statement on this particular matter.  The statement said, “If anybody wishes to get her/his Aadhaar eKYC replaced by the fresh KYC, she/he may request the service provider for delinking of her/his Aadhaar by submitting fresh OVDs as per earlier DOT Circulars on mobile KYC. But in any case her/his mobile number will not be disconnected,”

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Previously, nearly 50 per cent of India’s current telecom users are staring at an impossible reality. Their SIM connections can also be disconnected if at all they have obtained their comnection with Aadhaar -KYC mode. Even though this sounds ridiculous but it can be a reality.

Aadhaar-Only KYC Mode = Mobile Disconnection
Remember the days when telecom companies were luring, forcing, coercing you to link Aadhaar with your mobile, and get a new SIM by only using Aadhaar?

And you trusted them, and gave your Aadhaar number for getting a new SIM, and doing a new KYC for your existing mobile? This might be a mistake.

As per the fresh report, all the SIMs those were activated with the Aadhaar as the KYC can be disconnected. The numbers can as high as 50 crore mobile users out of which 50 percent of the telecom users in our country.


Do you know why Aadhaar-KYC mobiles are at risk?

The reasons include the following:

Firstly, the recent Supreme Court ruling those have ordered all the private companies for destroyi g the Aadhaar related data of the customers. Currently, UIDAI has asked to delink the Aadhaar of the users based on the ruling and the exit plan which has been sought. In case the telecom firms do delink the Aadhaar then there will be ni KYC left.

According to the regulations of Telecom Ministry, the disconnection would take place unless the other KYC is used.

The second reason is that, in the month of March, the telecom companies were ordered for destroying the pre-Aadhaar KYC documents as they were undergoing the digitalized, Aadhaar KYC.

The solution on this:

The solution on this is a new KYC that wpuld be without Aadhaar.

Telecom secretary Aruna Sundararajan has met representatives of various telecom operators, and have discussed this complex issue.

She said, “We want to ensure that it is a smooth transition with little problems for subscribers.” Non-Aadhaar KYC can be: passport, driving licence, voter’s card, electricity bill, gas bill, PAN card.

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