Hairstyles to make your face look thinner


So before getting into this know that a haircut won’t literally cut some kilos off of you. We are talking about hairstyles that can actually sculpt your face into looking its best. So maybe you have a round face shape or have let some calories show up on your face here are few hairstyles that will make your face look thinner.


Most men have fallen out of this trend because of it’s over saturation. However, men with chubby faces should still stick to it to cut some kilos off their face. The idea is to make your face appear longer and pompadours are known to glorify the jawlines and sharpen the chin.

Crew cut

Crew cut or buzz cut take no efforts or styling and cut at least 10 years off your face. The sideburns make your face thinner and the medium length would do the trick and also it’ll narrow your jawline.

Faux Hawk

Firstly this isn’t Mohawk. The angular play and voluminous properties will modify your face which you can use as a baseline to mold it as per your preference and get a faux hawk. Go for medium length hair and keep the sides short.

Asymmetrical Messy Fringe

These can annoy in the summer but not during the winter times. The dimension and depth of look it gives your mane with the asymmetry will reduce the roundness of your face. It also makes your head appear shorter.

High volume undercut

Undercuts must have turned your favorite word. Almost every guy jumped on the bandwagon and there is a reason why it is this popular. It is obviously a hip look but besides its side fade plays with the proportion of your face to make it appear a lot thinner. The high volume in the center is for you to set as per your choice.

(Photo credit: haircutinspiration, Pinterest, menshairstylestoday, menshairstylesclub)