Hacks To Transform Your Boring Old T-Shirt


For men, t-shirts are staples and scared pieces in their wardrobe. It is because it takes no efforts to dress up in a t-shirt.However, there’s a reason why they are called the staples and are spotted in every casual or informal setting which makes t-shirts a sanctity of style. But it’s sad that most own t-shirts and sometimes there’s nothing that sets the one apart from the other.

So a here are some hacks to transform your t-shirt into a stellar piece.

The hemlines

The problems you have with hemlines are that they are either too short or too long. So do yourself a favor and snip them by the hem and you would get a brand new piece for yourself. But you should know how to cut it ideally. The right length of a t-shirt just grazes the butt cheeks and don’t shorten the body length. To perk up the style you could even get into the asymmetrical hemlines.

Got holes? Make more

The tattered holed style is trending these days. You surely know how classy it looks right? So if you a t-shirt that has holes or plain t-shirt you would like more style in you could create some fashionable hole yourself.

Roll it up

Rolling up the tee is an art that most fail to perfect. But you can do it too, just know how to though. The perfect rolls don’t have to be too neat or too messy. And depending on how rockstar kind you feel roll it up to the desired length.

The trick’s under your sleeve

Raw and frayed fabric edges look amazing. It could be around your neck, flapping around your t-shirt side or sleeve. If you have a baggy t-shirt you will be able to create even better.

Old is gold

Your old tees are like gold mines and you should never trash your old tees. Vintage and old-school tees look great. The more the overused tee you got the more fashionable you will look in it. Just wreck them in the right way and you are good to go.

(Photo credit: Pinterest)