From A Gruesome Suicidal Woman to a Successful Entrepreneur Story


The willpower of a woman is brutally examined within the cases of domestic violence. Women suffer from endless physical pain but eventually, strength is something that keeps her going mentally. And she uses her strength to great extents when her children are in question. Children became her undying strength to tear apart from the miserable living and become the pioneer of an empire worth of millions of rupees.

This is the story of Bharati Sumaria. Born to a middle-class family living in Bhiwandi, Mumbai. Bharati suffered in the hands of an Indian conservative family where her father did not allow her to study further after her completing the 10 Standard. A daughter is considered burden in many of the conservative families in India and her father with the same mindset had to marry her off to lead a responsible happy family life of her own. However, her father was not aware that he handed the responsibility of his daughter to a terrifying and dreadful man. Bharati soon became a mother of three, first child being a girl following with twin boys.

Sanjay, her husband ruthlessly spent all the money he acquired from his father’s property rents. He would beat her up for nothing. The violence only increased and became a routine for her to go to the hospital with blood and scars. She could only be away from this terror for a little time when she would visit her parents and take shelter there. She was in a dreadful situation scared of her husband coming home and hitting her all the more harshly. Her interaction with the outside world was minimized and she would stay at home for months.

She found her ray of hope from her children, who wanted her to release herself from the depression. They encouraged her to start learning new things and take part in local competitions. Bharati’s family, especially her brother, tried to make her husband work to earn but all he did was running away from responsibilities.

Bharati then suggested her brother that she should start working to help bring her children up. Her brother supported her for this. In 2005, she launched a small manufacturing unit that produced small products like toothbrush, Tiffin boxes etc. on orders. Bharati’s father helped her by acquiring a loan of Rs 6 lakhs. She began her work with just two labors at Mulund. Bharati perceived work beyond just earnings. She considered it as a way of coming out of her depression. She never wanted to look back into her nightmare of a personal life.

Yet the nightmares were still fresh as the incidents of violence from her husband did not stop. The matters went out of the house and now her husband would hit her in public in front of the neighbors. Her husband had connections in the police department which made reaching out for help useless. She was still determined to bring happiness in the lives of her children.

Subsequently, four years passed and she settled on stepping into another set up where they could produce plastic bottles focusing on PET. She took charge of quality control and ensured 100% customer satisfaction. She soon gained high reputation due to this and began getting orders from big known companies like Cipla, Bisleri etc.

In 2014, she had the last blow from her husband as he attacked her in her factory in front of her employees. However, her children had had enough and asked their father to never return.

Bharati, today, has a business expansion of four factories which brings a shared annual turnover of above Rs 4 crore. Thus, she assembled great fortune for her children.

(Photo Credit: Youthensnews, Kenfolios)