Grooming Hacks For 2018 That Will Help You Get a Girlfriend


The whole of 2017 was no action for you. Or all those dates never seem to have worked out because you couldn’t make a good first impression. If you haven’t still got into the grooming game, now is your time. Accept you need a little help and read on.

If you want to break the cycle of loneliness follows these essential grooming tips to get you a girl in 2018.


It’s just the basic rule of observing good hygiene in your lifestyle and don’t just make it a short-lived phase. No one is going to be attracted to a person who stinks, has bad breath or doesn’t understand that showering daily is paramount. Shower daily, maintain good oral health to help you and the girl will notice how you follow hygiene rules.

Hairy ears and nostrils

To look attractive and clean you have to get rid of hair on your ears and nostrils. Ear and nose hair adds age to your appearance and also shows that you are a laid back person. Trim your nose and ear hair down to make your face look clean and striking.

Keep your nails short and clean

Your nails shouldn’t be longer than hers and they sure shouldn’t be dirty. Overgrown nails can also be dangerous. Even your toenails play a part, girls definitely hate a man’s toe looking all caveman-ish. Get your nail clipper and use it regularly. If you cant maintain them yourself an occasional manicure or pedicure should do.

Beautify your beard

Beards are sexy but you should know how to style, grow it or don’t grow it at all. Have it long and fabulous or classic five o’clock. But make sure your beard compliments the shape of your face and give all the care your beard needs. Use beard products such as softening oils and lotions to trimmer and combs etc.

Keep your lips moist

Cracked lips, seriously? Do we even need to explain why it is crucial to look after your lips here? Severely dried lips are a total turn off however it is just a matter of investing in good men’s lip balm. It is cheap, easily available and has trended over the year in the world of men’s grooming. Your lips would look irresistible.