Flattering Winter Outfits for Women of Every Body Type


Every morning putting together outfits considering the weather, the commute and the meeting in mind is difficult enough. At the same time, you try to make the said ensemble flattering. Heres where you need to put a little planning and inspiration to work. Here are some easy and foolproof combinations that will accentuate your assets in the winter.

Hourglass body shape

Get rid of all the shapeless sack dresses. Your shape can be framed better in a belted dress of a solid color. A midi dress with tie waist can be a perfect choice. You can get creative with your shoes with a trusty staple or metallic pump.

Petite body shape

You need to add some height with the on-trend flared jeans and let your heels peek from beneath. Keep your top tucked in so that it doesn’t overwhelm your figure.

Pear body shape

For the ladies who are comparatively smaller on top than their bottom should stick to a tucked in the top which will show off their trim middle. Throw on an eye-catching skirt that falls perfectly along your hip line. Fitted top and a full pleated skirt will be an ideal outfit for you.

Apple body shape

You should go for long lines with a little flare at the end. Flowy dresses that skim your middle and lean over the knee boots will accentuate your figure.

If you are tall

Long legged women can pull off a lot but it becomes crucial to have varying tailored pieces. Make sure it builds interest and not one continuous line. Go for cuffed jeans with heels to highlight your legs and pair a horizontal stripe top to make your curves work.

Suitable for all body type

Duster Jacket and jeans are an outfit with a universally flattering power. Pick your favorite kind of denim flared or cropped and top of your choice, could be a professional white button down or a comfy sweatshirt. Just throw on an ankle-skimming jacket and you have a perfectly layered outfit for you.

(Photo credit: Pinterest)