These Are the Most Flattering Blazer for Every Body Type


A blazer which is a humble piece of clothing is a total superhero of the wardrobe. It is indispensable for any business casual wardrobe and is a versatile piece that can work outside of the office setting too. Just pair it with jeans and tee or throw over a casual dress. It is totally worth to invest in a good one. Don’t know how to pick one?

Here’s how to pick the most flattering blazer according to your body type.


If you are a girl with the smaller figure you should stick with blazers or any pieces otherwise that doesn’t drown you in excess fabric. Go for a fitted blazer that hits the hip or higher. It creates an illusion of a longer lower body and longer legs. Don’t wear too long sleeves, if they are long, get them tailored. A slim and well-fitted blazer will go a long way for you.


You need to balance out your curvier lower body and create volume on the top for which a defined shoulder would help. No, not shoulder pads but a structured blazer will add structure to your neckline.

Broad shoulders

If you have a build up top you need some feminine lines of a collarless style to balance your broader shoulders. Go for pieces with lightweight materials like crepe or linen as these won’t add more volume.


Ladies who are blessed vertically don’t have to put many efforts into choosing the right blazer as most of the silhouettes work on your shape. But make sure you stay away from too short hemline which might make your body look out of proportion.

Large chest

For your silhouette, a sleek blazer that hits at the hips or below will flatter your body than boxy styles you assume covers everything up. Because sleek and long blazer doesn’t add any extra weight on top creating an illusion of a narrower shape.

Apple shaped

You need to draw attention to your chest and away from your midsection. Stick with jackets that conceal without adding more bulk. A drapey jacket in a lightweight material will do this the best. Or blazer with lapel details can also draw the eye upward.


You need to highlight your narrowest part which is your waist. Go for blazers with cinched waists or even peplum styles that draw attention to your small midsection. It grazes flatteringly over your upper and lower bodies. If you cant manage to find the perfect fit then get a boxy blazer tailored.

(Photo credit: Pinterest, Asos)