Fashion Pieces Every Woman in Her 20’s Should Own


The glorious 20’s are the best years of a women’s life. You have surpassed the teenage years and are looking forward to a much secure 30’s. Life is all about accomplishing your dreams. But your 20’s is the time you are endeavoring to achieve your dreams. You have plenty of time to grab hold of those designer clothes and collect all that is in trend, even the expensive pieces of clothing!

But you should definitely own these 20’s essential clothing and fashion items.

Dependable Interview Outfit

Regardless of what kind of field you belong to, having a go-to interview outfit is a must. Make sure it reflects your personal taste. Opt for a sleeveless waistcoat instead of a regular blazer.

Ageless Timepiece

Surely you are accustomed to checking your phone for the time. But a watch, over the years, has a reputation of being the sophisticated piece of the outfit. The contemporary chunky and men’s watch inspired style of watches are extremely cool and make a fashion statement.

Implacable Leather Jacket

You should have one to top your look any day. Go for a leather jacket with attached leather belt at the waistline. Even if you do not like to buckle up just let your jacket be unbuttoned and the style speaks wonders. With other patterns of the leather jacket, how about making it your cape?

Definitive Party Shoes

Because how else do you plan on getting the casually fancy look? Tees above jeans with a pair of party shoes can be your go-to party outfit.

Favorite Mascara

After many tested and tried mascara brands, by now you should have a favorite mascara brand that will be your appropriate partner in your beauty routine.

Favorite Lipstick

Keep your favorite lipstick handy. Make sure you are already familiar with the shade that suits your complexion.

Compelling Bag

A neutral colored bag will be your style statement. You need to invest in a good brand that will stay with you for ages and you can make the most of it.

Perfect Pair of Skinny Jeans

By now you should have invested a good amount of time on a good pair of skinny jeans that you know is the perfect one for you.

A Slaying LBD

An essential to women’s closet is a little black dress. The little black dress is your savior for night outs, pubs, and fancy restaurants.

(Photo Credit: Pinterest)