Fashion Mistakes That Are Spoiling Your Chances at Getting Dates


You look good when you feel good. And sometimes in the effort to look good amongst others and stand out, we go overboard with styling. All of us have a certain personal style that reflects our personality. Hence when putting together an outfit we need to focus on our body types and personalities.

So as we have always tried to stop you from making fashion mistakes here is another list of mistakes you should avoid making that are spoiling your chances at getting dates.

Wearing clothes that don’t suit you or are ill-fitted

Even though plenty of you already know this there are people who still make this mistake. Avoid tight t-shirts or extremely loose ones. You should try and find out the perfect size for you.

Not dressing up as per the occasion

When you are comfortable in your clothes you feel confident, but that doesn’t allow you to wear shorts or slipper to work. Separate the formal and casual clothes in your closet and choose clothes according to the occasion.

Wearing socks with sandals

Please don’t do this! The point of wearing sandals is to let your feet breathe. And if you don’t want your feet all cold then you might as well wear a closed shoe.

Wearing all brands from head to toe

Puma shoes, Armani shirt, and Gucci accessories are excessive brands to don on your body. If the things pair well then good but if they don’t you would end up looking like a fashion wreck.

Over- Accessorizing

Why would you want to bring out all the chains, rings and bracelets out and wear them all for an outfit? Stay minimalistic to just add a bit of a style statement with your accessories to your outfit.

Wearing overpowering colors

What you wear reflects your personality, we have established that. But in the bargain of not wearing dull colors don’t overdo and look like a rainbow. It overpowers your personality. We mean avoid wearing a yellow shirt with pink trousers or blue shoes.

Wearing sheers

You may be having a chiseled body which is very attractive to show off but that doesn’t permit you to wear sheer shirts or t-shirts.

(Photo Credit: esquireuk, Scrawny To Brawny, express, Pinterest)