Fashion Items That Make Women Look More Attractive


Heterosexually based scientific research has provided with fashion items that men find most attractive on women. These do not include any personality traits based selection. Also, fashion experts have listed down items that help women look instantly more striking.

Whether you want to foster your chances with men and dating or simply boost your style to look more attractive, here is a clear list of fashion items that will assist you.


According to scientific research, high heels have proved to augment a women’s attractiveness. The study even shows that men highly approached women who wore high heels.

Lace-up Flats

Flats that lace up to the ankle and higher are proven to look more eye-catching on women. For women who hate their heels, lace-up flats can be your best friend.

Sleeveless and Bandeau Neckline

Generally, people are aware that display of long and slender legs has been the sign of attractiveness in women. However, studies show that men are more attracted to women’s arms and shoulders.

Crop Tops

Fashion trendsetter since the recent past, crop tops prove to be intensely eye striking. The little flash of tummy and the cropped pattern makes you look cute and charming at the same time.

Bodycon Dresses

According to studies, body-con dresses that show off women’s curves are greatly attractive. Men prefer women with an hourglass figure. Clothes that emphasize the hip, and display larger waist-to-hip ratio are appealing.

Red Clothing

Perhaps, most know this! But yes, the color red really attracts. A piece of red clothing looks alluring on women.

Black Dresses

Isn’t it a shocker?! Renowned clothing designer, Elizabeth Hawes, states that men have the most tendencies to look at a woman who’s wearing a black dress. No wonder on the hype of LBD’s (little black dresses).


Belts are known to accentuate your waistline. They help in looking slimmer. They elaborate the outfit and complete your look. Not to mention, looks intensely appealing.

Thigh High Boots

Higher the boots, higher the admiring looks! It makes you feel more confident and appealing.

Remember, styling is completely up to your tastes and preferences. Your style should be something that makes you look more attractive but keeps you comfortable simultaneously. You need not necessarily change your preferences overnight, but adding and including few of these fashion items can uplift your overall looks and make you feel more confident.

Pick any item from the list, that you feel comfortable in. They all have the potential to drastically make you look more gorgeous.

(Photo Credit: Pinterest)