Facebook’s new feature: Fb messenger will allow you to unsend the message


Are you aware of Facebook’s new feature? The upcoming Facebook Messenger feature will allow you to delete the sent messages up to 10 minutes after you send them.


First spotted by Twitter user @MattNavarra the feature has been listed as “coming soon” in the release notes for version 191.0 of Messenger’s iOS client.

According to that, the users will be able to remove the message withwn 10 minutes after sending it “if you accidentally send the wrong photo, incorrect information or message the wrong thread.”

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The similar features already exist on the other applications those are ownwd by Facebook.

The WhatsApp users were also given a chance to delete the meesages after they are being sent.


Instagram has let you “unsend” messages ever since direct messaging was first added to the platform in 2013.

Messenger’s “unsend” functionality has been on the cards since April, after Facebook admitted that it had been quietly deleting messages sent by its CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The functionality was first spotted in October during testing.

It is yet unknown if the upcoming feature will also work for Secret conversations. Facebook has a secret conversation feature that uses the Signal Protocol developed by Open Whisper Systems adding end-to-end encryption to messages claiming to make them impossible for interception.

The feature has to be activated within the Messenger app.

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