Excuses And Tricks To Get A Day Off From Work On Valentines Day


Every year on February 14, Valentine’s Day is celebrated worldwide. This day can be a good opportunity to express love to your partner. Worldwide, couples wait impatiently for this day and see a good opportunity to tell their partner about the heart. We Indians always find some creative excuses to enjoy this special day and hence getting a day off from office. Let us look at some of the funniest, yet common excuses to get a day off on valentines day.

stomach pain

There is no time for this pain to occur. This can happen to anyone, anytime and anywhere. Now when it comes to abdominal pain, then what to say? If we make a list of the oldest excuses in our life, then perhaps abdominal pain will remain in the top.

Cough-cold fever

Almost everyone must have used this excuse in school days and might be still using it. If there is always a mention of it in India’s most common cases, then all things remain unbearable. Cough-cold-fever is the three common ailments on which the people of India have the expertise and laugh while keeping the gun on it.

Domestic excuses

In addition to the unexpected body ailments, there is a long list of domestic excuses such as excuse of Mother’s health, Wife’s health, a visit by Sister’s in-laws etc. There are also reasons for our own in-laws that we have schools and colleges, or one gets easily discharged from the office because of them. There are many excuses which Indians use in day to day life, one cannot do it better than the Indians.

Traffic jams

When you arrive late at the office, making excuses for traffic jams, you usually do not have to face the evil boss’s eyes, because when you are sitting at your house or even on a date, even after listening to the background sound of traffic jam on your mobile, it can convince your boss that you are really stuck in traffic jams.

Using fake background sound

If you are going to a party or a disco by pretending to work in the office and hiding it from the parents, then one can easily hide the party’s noise by changing background sound when their phone arrives. On such occasions, you can escape easily by using the preloaded sound of the park, the noise of the office, or the autistic sound of crowded places.