International Men’s Day: Enjoy Your Day With Your Someone Special


Have you found the man of your life? He may be your boyfriend or your husband, today is the special occasion to celebrate with him.


19 November is celebrated as International Men’s Day and no need to mention that, there cannot be a better day to thank him for being a special part of your life.

Have you wished your dear one or have made any surprise plans for him?  Here are a few ways to revel this day and make memories to last a lifetime.

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You can start with a heartfelt message!

Just pick up your phone and type a message to him which expresses your love and affection towards him.  Write few lines confessing  your  love for him. Also, thank him to be in your life.

Texting this won’t take more than a minute and would surely bring a smile on his face. Also, you can give him a handwritten letter, or get something printed on a coffee mug, shirt or a personalised diary!

Bought the gift?

Everyone loves surprises and that too from yoyr loved ones is ab icing on the cake. Be it a perfume, watch, wallet, book or anything he has been eying to buy since months.

The gift is a token of your love, respect and appreciation that you have for him and another thing, don’t forget to click the moments. Do record his reaction as he unboxes it.


Let’s talk about his well-being

The main aim behind the celebration of Men’s dat is to raise awareness about men’s issues those include prostate cancer, mental health, testicular cancer etc., and this year’s theme is ‘Positive male role models’.

Hence, along with all the pampering, you can take him for a full body check-up and encourage him to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Try to make his day unforgettable. Let him enjoy to the fullest. Let him keep aside his work stress and enjoy with you. To make his  day, you can also cook something special for him.

Have you heard the saying,  a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! If possible, dim the lights of your living room, light up a few candles, play the songs and enjoy the meal.

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