Reasons Behind Startup Failures


Building a startup is not easy. It’s an attitude and a mindset. Startups fail because founders don’t know what makes a business successful.


Start-ups implode through internal interpersonal, philosophical, or ethical differences far more often than they get crushed by the competition.

It is also more of an insidious threat because as a venture gets traction and begins to really scale, the egos come out of the woodwork and this is very dangerous territory.

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This is when the tyrants emerge, the extramarital affairs with coworkers, the gambling addictions, the booze, blow and hookers.

We always think that our idea is the best and it will work so we start with the development of the product without validating it.

Simple idea validation trick is to create a survey form either online or offline. Find your potential customers and ask them blatantly whether they would pay money for this product.