Every Fashion Conscious Man Should Own These Essentials


To be fashionable and stylish you don’t need to go all out and buy all the pieces that are in trend. Surely, with a credit card, anyone can have the best and most of the clothing available in the market. But if you are a fashion conscious man you just need to know about the essential to keep at the top of your game.

Here are the essential items to build a perfect wardrobe of the fashion conscious man.

A crisp white oxford shirt

The White crisp slim fit oxford shirt is a man’s essential. This shirt is versatile, practical, elegant and super suave.

Perfectly fitted jeans

Invest in a sturdy and quality jeans in dark blue. This is the most versatile piece of clothing one can own and goes well with anything. They last you ages if you bought one carefully and continue to look as dapper as they age.

Basic crew neck t-shirt

A man should own these in black, white and grey shades. Find one with perfect fitting, nothing too loose or nothing too tight or it can mess up the outfits feel. You can pair them with, shorts, denim and layer it with a shirt, light jacket and you are all ready.

A blazer

This is a basic piece of clothing every man should have. It can take you from casual to formals in no time.

A navy suit

It doesn’t matter if you are a CEO or just entering the corporate world as an intern every man should own a navy suit. The suit should be well fitted so that you don’t look shabby. It is a classic way to look professional always.

A cardigan

You look fashionable and guess what it keeps you warm. Pair it with a formal shirt or basic tee it gives you the perfect casually layered attire.

A white sneaker

Choice of footwear has the ability to make or break an outfit. You can wear this footwear with a full suit or tee and jeans. They are a bit edgy and cool.

A dress shoe

An evergreen black dress shoe is a man’s wardrobe staple. Polish them up for a black tie event, for office, or for a dinner date. They never let you down.

A quality watch

It could be worth thousands or not, but a watch is an essential man should own and cherish. A man with style knows the importance of wristwatch. As boys look at their smartphones to check the time but men look at their watches.

(Photo credit: Pinterest, koovscdn, asos, nymag, businessinsider)