Every Badass Boss Lady Has These Things in Her Wardrobe


When you think of being a total boss you might start thinking of dressing in black or navy suits. But it doesn’t have to be all boring. Let’s take a look at a few pieces that every badass boss lady has in her wardrobe that help in completing her outfit and showcase her professional aesthetic.

Tailored jacket with interesting details

Definitely, a boss would need a clean cut black blazer but a true boss babe would know how to stand out from the crowd. Maybe find a detailed piece. Look for features like velvet lapel or exaggerated buttons. Noteworthy features of a colorful collar or well-placed zipper. And of course, make sure the piece is tailored to perfection.

Structured handbag

To take your outfit from standard to superb you just need a great accessory sometimes. There are many successful women who invest in well-made classics that age better. Maybe you could go for a Chanel shoulder bag or a sleek backpack. Sometimes the brand doesn’t matter, the silhouette should be timeless. It is best to stay away from overly trendy colors and shape.

Statement suit

Bored with pantsuits? Rock a striking two-piece instead. Muted metallics, pops of color and embellished piping will make you stand out and solidify your status as head of the pack.

Delicate top which is work-appropriate

A crisp white button-down maybe stylish but a boss lady might invest in softer and more feminine pieces. You could pair a ruffle or lace top with a moto jacket or boxy blazer.

Oversize sunnies

You might have seen most of the celebrities relying on these. No one can tell what you are exactly planning or thinking behind these great pairs of shades. So even if you still get anxious on your way to that presentation the world doesn’t have to know.

Printed maxi dress

There are few clothing pieces that shout confidence. Pick a patterned maxi dress and go for a pattern that makes you feel bold as a lioness. Partner the dress with a solid jacket or a long vest to make it boardroom appropriate.

Power shoes

Embroidered boots or slick black heels or metallic brogues will make you feel like you can take on the world. A boss lady never heads out to work with scuffed toes or dirty heels. Always makes sure you take proper care of your footwear.

The perfect shade of red lips

When there are days you feel sartorially uninspired, wear a bold bright lipstick to feel your confidence rise instantly.

(Photo credit: Pinterest)