Essential Shoes Guys Need for Every Occasion


Men usually have one pair of footwear that they wear to every occasion and just play with their style in the bargain. Your impression goes down and it reflects your personality. From bar hopping to puddle jumping here’s guide for men to know essential shoes that they need for every occasion.


Trekking through bars during the happy hours or night out you will need a footwear that is durable, comfortable and sharp. Loafers are best for such occasions and you have a variety of options of hue to keep your footwear game up.

Dress Shoes

When you are going to a dinner party to a restaurant go for dress shoes to get that elegance that the occasion demands. The occasion could be semi-formal or casual dinner out but calls for this footwear.

Taylor sneakers

These are best for casual wears to make you feel comfortable to walk around when you have errands to run or a casual day out. It should be a staple in every guy’s wardrobe.

Duck boots

You need strong waterproof and rough footwear when you go for snow shoveling, chopping wood or trekking through the ice. These are footwear you will basically need in snow conditions.


Every man needs his slippers so he can run around quickly whenever they don’t have time to bring out their best of footwear wear socks and tie them up. It is easy to wear and comfortable to walk in and is another staple that a man needs. These best for lounging occasions

6-inch boots

This footwear is best for working outdoors. It can be worn on a day to day setting but is also a functional workboot.

Boat shoes

For the warm months, boat shoes come in handy. They are very stylish and keep you cool. This footwear makes the perfect summer outfit footwear.

Chukka boots

This footwear is versatile and is all season. These can be used for the finer occasions yet are very comfortable and casual.