Effective Tips for Men to Change the Way They Take Morning Shower


While you are at it, why not make the most of your morning shower? You might be thinking it is just a simple soap and water activity. However, there is an opportunity to upgrade your activity.

Here are super effective tips to change the way you take a morning shower.


Most of us are not morning people so grouping the morning routine tasks at one go in the shower make complete sense. Club brushing, shaving, cutting nails to save time.

Hot showers are bad

You might feel that hot showers are very comforting it is actually ruining your looks. The hot waters are stripping off your skin’s natural oil. Lukewarm water may be fine but the best is to take cold showers. Cold water increases blood circulation and will also close skin pores and hair follicles which results in minimized frizzy hair.

Shampoo like a pro

Know your hair concerns and according decide on a shampoo. While you shampoo makes sure you focus on the roots and scalp as opposed to the ends. Dirt and grease build on the scalp and so using too much shampoo at the ends may over dry it causing split ends and hair thinning.

Shave at the end of shower

Shave at the end of the shower so that the heat and moisture soften your scruff. This will allow you closer, cleaner and less irritating shave.

Don’t let the conditioner sit

A common misconception letting your conditioner sit after shampooing. After you shampoo your hair is covered with water molecules which makes conditioner almost impossible to penetrate. The best and right way to condition your hair is to let the hair dry for a while and then coat the surface before the final wash.

Dry hair with old cotton t-shirts if you have dry hair

Drying your hair with the towel maybe normal but not beneficial. Men usually rub the towel vigorously against the scalp that can extract moisture from the hair causing dryness and breakage. Pat your hair instead with an old cotton t-shirt which is gentler and soaks just the right amount of water.

While your skin is still damp apply body lotion

There is timing to using body lotions. Immediately after you step out of the bathroom while your skin is still damp apply face moisturizers and body lotion. The skin will lock in the moisture and will help keep the skin supple and hydrated.

(Photo Credit: businessinsider, wellgroomedfellow)