Very Easy Slimming Summer Outfits for Women


Summer calls for wearing our tent dresses for all the events. However, they surely aren’t the best clothing piece that flatters your body silhouette. And, when you would like to show off a little bit of your shape here are easy slimming summer outfit ideas you will need.

Belt a loose maxi dress

To look slimmer simply start by highlighting your waist. Belt a loose midi or maxi dress or skirts you already wear to create a more slender appearance which also balances your proportions easily.

Show off legs in a shift dress

If you feel you want to flaunt your legs better than your waist consider shift dress. It is especially preferable if you’re self-conscious about your midsection. This piece conceals the areas you might want to conceal without making it look too clingy. And in short, length dresses it helps you highlight your tones legs and to add up wear flattering wedges.

Tuck a fitted top in an A-line skirt

A snug fitting top which is tucked into a high waist skirt will float away from the body and will never let you down. This is a skirt style which is universally flattering and tighter tops will accentuate your proportions and create an hourglass shape if you are naturally straighter.

Have a longer appearance with vertical stripes

To look sleek, try to employ a little visual trickery. Horizontal stripes will help one look wider, and vertical stripes help one look lean creating long lines from the top to bottom. For a flattering attire, go for high waist pants and tuck a crisp button down to complete the outfit.

Don’t shy away from crop tops

Crops tops and slimmer looks? Feels like a contrast right? But it isn’t. In fact, if styles the right way and tailored perfectly these midriff-baring pieces will look incredibly complimentary on you. Things you should remember are to make sure your bottoms, skirt, pants or shorts start above your belly button and are revealing only two finger’s worth of skin.

Flaunt your best features

So pick a part of your body that you are specifically fond of and consider an outfit according to that. If you feel confident showing off your cleavage than your lower torso area then go for dresses that highlight your chest with V-necks, however, conceals your hips and thigh.

(Photo credit: Pinterest, petrazr)