Easy Guide for Men to Make Their Denim Last Longer


Men practically live in denim. A pair of good jeans is a staple of a man’s wardrobe. Even with plenty of denim a man can never feel enough of them after boxers as they are men’s favorite.

There are numerous styles of jeans on store shelves from conventional straight fit to slim fit for shape and size of all kinds and hence denim has become indispensable. When you buy a new pair of jeans you want it to last longer. You absolutely love that pair of jeans and which is why you would have to take good care of your denim.

Here is your guide to make your denim’s last longer.

Your jeans should not be washed often, simply because they don’t get dirty that easily.

However when you do wash them use cold water.


It is always better to handwash your denim.

To prevent your denim from fading you should wash them inside out.

Your denim should be air dried so avoid putting them in machine dry.

To maintain the color of a dark pair of jeans, add half a cup of refined vinegar to the final laundry cycle.

Avoid stuffing your pockets too much or you will end up making them saggy.

Whenever you put clothes in the machine avoid cramming too many pairs of jeans together. They may snag and it may cause the stitches to break.

Invest in some special detergents that are formulated for color-preserving. It helps fabrics hold onto to dyes and deactivates chlorine in the water that fades color.

It is best to wash all pair of jeans separately from other clothing pieces. You don’t want to dye all your clothes indigo!

If you are left with a stain on your jeans then spot clean them instead of chucking them for a complete wash in a machine.

Another trick is to freeze your jeans when they start to smell. Freezing kills the bacteria causing the jeans to smell.