What Your Dressing Style Reveals About Your Personality


Everybody agrees that the first thing when you see a person even before speaking is the way they are dressed. The way a person dress reveals a lot about their personality and we instantly judge them by what we perceive. A well-dressed person will be quite attractive and one would want to be around them to know them better. Our dressing sense tells people a lot about who we are as a person.

Read on to know what your dressing style reveals about your personality.

When t-shirts and shorts are your best friend

You are never concerned about the fashion trends. You are more of a guy next door kind of a person. You choose to be comfortable more than being fashionable or to impress anyone. A pair of denim and t-shirts is all you need to lead your life. You are quite simple and lazy to change your lifestyle for anything.

The one who loves suits

You are the corporate killer. You attend business meetings as well as parties in the suit. You are dominating person and usually, like to have control of things in your life. You exercise properness and organization. You may be an aggressive person and you like to go an extra mile to achieve your goals.

The one who constantly experiments with looks

You are the trendsetter and are always experimenting with your looks. You are attractive, vibrant and the casual yet smart attire makes you stand out. You are friendly and open to learning. Maybe you are too full of yourself. You take narcissism too seriously ignoring the people around you.

The one lives in bracelets, scarves, and chains

You feel incomplete without your accessories. You love funk, shoes, and shades. You are more of a calm person but have a temper occasionally that keeps people away from you. Often you are misunderstood as an arrogant person however you are warm and sensitive.

When you are the most indecisive dresser

You actually have all the best of clothing in trend in your closet which makes you look sharp however you choose the hideous ones always. You are a person who complains always and push your work to someone else. You are carefree personality and are satisfied with your life.