Do You Why ‘Co-Living’ is The New Trend Amongst Millennials?


The only thing that remains constant is change. And no one knows it in a better way than those in today’s digital world.


Its not like the ones in the previous generations those urban millennials do not derive their sense of security from the sameness – the same job, the same city, the same abode.

Even studies  show that the young professionals nowadays  value experiences over the possessions and also  cherish to be a part of all the like-minded communities.

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Common, a residential property manager, works alongside the developer as an advisor as they produce the purpose-built, co-living communities. Common enters into long-term property management agreements with a building owner, similar to what is found in the hotel industry where the manager only takes a flat rate management fee until a return threshold is met. Then he gets a percentage after that. Common handles everything that traditional property managers do.”

The advent of the co-living and the co-working spaces is one of the new trend and has become quite famous amongst  Millennials across the top most cities and the which also includes India.


Co-living spaces have evolved from the typical non-exciting, unfinished houses to extremely swanky apartments, designed to suit the tastes of the Millennials. They boast of modern designs, consisting of simple-yet-clean colours and textures, industrial elements, and natural wood.

Co-living places also act as the perfect marriage of socialization and privacy. There is privacy but only when needed.

Co-living enables people to unlock the potential of the 5 to 9 connections after work. The living spaces may or may not be luxury and have great amenities but we believe every successful co-living space will focus connecting residents.

Young entrepreneurs and millennials want the flexibility to move as their work demands, and co-living with its short-term lease options is the perfect answer that offers a win-win proposition to Millennials.

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