The Success Story Of Tolaram Group and Vasvani Family


Have you anytime heard about the Vasvani family which overseas the Tolaram Group, a company which is $1.8 billion worthy. The company is running in Indonesia and is supplying power in India.


In the last 70 years, the company has ventured approximately 100 businesses. The business was started by Mohan Vaswani’s father, who started selling textiles in the year 1948. Currently, eighty year old Vaswani overseas the Tolaram Group, the company having its headquarters in Singapore with an estimated value of $1.8 billion.

Tolaram is also building a port in Nigeria thereby producing the paper in Estonia and also running a bank in Indonesia and on the other hand supplying the power in India. The company also has the food production and distribution operations across Africa that sells for more than 75  countries. The company is also expanding into the digital services and the plans for adding a fence fund to its wealth operations.

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How the company got here is based on those 70-year-old roots, forging a group that still feels more like a collection of startups and separate businesses than a multinational conglomerate. One of its latest ventures, an online loan business called Tunaiku, operates almost as a distinct venture within the group’s PT Bank Amar Indonesia.

Even though, the company is controling the frms, the day-to-day operations at all the 18 business units are run by the professional having expertise in the particular fields and those are even encouraged for trying new ideas. “We are not afraid,” Vaswani said. “When we see opportunities, we are ready to take the risk.

In the last 70 years, Tolaram has ventured nearly 100 businesses says the nephew of Mr. Vaswani, Sajen Aswani who is also the CEO of the roup.

The Tolaram expansion over the past decades has been one of extreme growth, said Oriano Lizza, a strategist at CMC Markets Plc.” He said the backbone of the company’s success was diversification and the element of risk taken to expand into many countries and businesses. Talking about the group’s culture, Vaswani says since the family originated from Sindh, a part of Pakisthan which has a long reputation for producing entreprenuers.


The Sindhi are a business community,” Vaswani says. “They are entrepreneurs. Even if they only have a small amount of money, they start their own business because they don’t like to work for anyone else.

At the end of 18th Century, the family members moved to Indonesia which the most popuar destination for the Sindhi expats. Vaswani being worked in Indonesia before, his father joined them after the partition of India in the year 1947 for escaping the religious violence that had overwhelmed the region thereby setting up the shop in Malang on the island of Java.

Vaswani later joined his father’s business at the age of 10 and then overtook the firm when he was 19. He later expanded the business from distribution to manufacturing and then established the plants abroad those include US, UK, South Africa, Germany and the Baltic States. “In my family, you got handed over the reins at an early age. Unlike today, there was no need to study first.”

When asked about his acheivements in business, he tells how he has set up his business in the first major overseas operations in the year 1970. “I told a friend of mine who has business in Africa that I wanted to diversify out of Indonesia. And he said ‘Why don’t you come to Africa?” “Well, I don’t know anything about Africa,” Vaswani replied.

When his friend invited him for a two-week holiday in Africa, Vaswani got to travel, Ivory Coast, Ghana and Nigeria. After a month, he started his business in Lagos in Nigeria that had the highest per capita income of the three and also where people were much more prepared to pay the upfront thereby lowering the risk.

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