Few Things One Would Not Regret When at Work


Sitting in the office you must be thinking about the tasks and the deadlines about your work. You don’t need to break down or crush down the weights of the to-do lists.



You feel like taking a break but phew! That seems impossible. The boss might freak out or the tasks might not finish.

Have you anytime heard the story of the old woodcutter those who can take the break for sharpenning his axe every half an hour and have landed up by cutting more logs at the day rather than the young woodcutter those have continued for cutting the logs without any break.

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The list of quick tip-off those help you to take some break and we are sure you won’t regret it. These handy pointers will rejuvenate you doubling your efficiency and ypur speed.

1. Have quick tea break

Kust need to take a coffee or a tea break tell your colleague to accompany you. A hearty chit chat and the caffeine rush in your body will surely change your mood. Also, this can be a good way of discussing some great ideas and also plan your next moves.

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The Director of Arms Clothing Brand Vasudha Gupta says, “I am a coffee lover and a quick catch up with employees is more like an informal meeting where we laugh and discuss ideas. A cup of coffee makes work sound like fun.

2. Go to gym regularly 

Eventhough this sounds weird, this kind of physical exercise  between the higj-pressure work is  sure  for relaxing your tired spirits and is also the best way of generating your adrenaline post the workout. All you need to do is visit the gym which is in your office building or you cab even take a quick walk around your office area.

The CEO of Krishna Brickworks, Sakun Aggarwal finds a new way of fitness. He says,  “I make sure that I complete 10000 steps while at work premises. I prefer taking stairs and going for a walk post-lunch to keep my mind and body energized.

Make use of your freetime or the quick break to declutter your desktop or your lappy or mobile. Also delete the unwanted emails or excess data on your devices and make some free space.

If you follow these guidelines carefully you will surely have a great time in your office.

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