This 10-Yr-Old From Jalandhar Won The Young Wildlife Photographer Of The Year 2018 Award


Arshdeep Singh a 10 year old lad from Jalandhar Punjab has created a history by winning the most prestigious Award naming Young Wildlife Photographer of The Year (Asia) Award for his stunning for his stunning snap titled ‘Pipe Owls’.


The photographs were taken outside Kapurthala in Punjab, where in it shows two spotted owlets snugly peeping from the pipe.

Arshdeep was presented with the award on Tuesday at a gala ceremony which was organised at the Natural History Museum, London.

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When asked about his success  and the love for photography he excitedly said, “I often travel to Kapurthala with my father for nature photography. One such day, when I saw a ‘spotted owl’ flying inside a tube, I told my father to stop the car. He did not believe me. We waited for some time until they came out again and without wasting a moment, I took the shot. My father was stunned,” .

He aforesaid, when clicking these beautiful moments he actually felt that the baby owls were staring him. “I felt like each one of them wanted to say to me- I see you!” he narrates.

Arshdeep’s father, Randeep Singh is much more familiar name amidst the wildlife photographers in our country. Arshdeep is much more inspired by his father and then found the passion in the same field. He took up the camera when he was only six years old.


The duo- father and the son often travel together to the exotic locations across the world fpr clicking the wildlife. Arshdeep’s excellent skills are evident in his amazing shots of the wild beasts those he has shared on the social media.

Lions, tigers, leopards have been caught in their majestic moods by him; however, Arshdeep reveals he is particularly passionate about capturing the birds. The Wildlife Photographer of the Year(WPY) which happens to be the biggest competition for the wildlife photography in the world.

This year Arshdeep has won in the ’10 years and under’ age category that has awarded by the Britain’s Natural History Museum. The organisers also appreciated the keen observational skills in the tweet about the award.

After the award ceremony, Arshdeep also expressed his gratitude towards his family for their unending support and inspiration.

I would like to thanks my family because without their support this wasn’t really possible. Thank you for motivating and supporting me. Special thanks to my grandparents, parents and my sister,” read his Facebook status. “I learn every day, learning helps me become a better photographer,” the young boy shared.

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