How to Complete the ‘Power Look’ With This Bold Accessory


There is a daring accessory that ‘power women’ love to wear to complete their ‘power look’. When dressing up for work you might have managed to put together the perfect power look however there is one final touch that can make a high-end fashion statement. What you miss out are statement-making drop earrings.

Now you might think it is a loud choice for your corporate outfit, but you are not really breaking any fashion rules. This accessory has the capacity to add the extra something to your refined outfit. If you don’t trust us to take your cues from ladies like Michelle Obama, Amal Clooney, and Kate Middleton. They rely on this accessory often.

Here is how these power women complete their look with this bold accessory and how you can too rock and flaunt it with your next office look.

Michelle Obama

She always her go to outfits set like the floral dresses, casual looks, and structured suits. What she adds to create style statement though is earrings usually in the form of drops.

Kate Middleton

The Duchess surely has her daily pair of earrings however she often likes to adds the drops for special occasions like her visit to India. The drop jewels add the oomph to any outfit.

Amal Clooney

For Amal, she even styles up the casual travel outfits. Even when wearing a solid jumpsuit she will style the look with extra large earrings.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina likes to often wear studs or completely ditch earrings when she is traveling. However, for the powerful look or for the red carpets, this star enhances any sleek dress or gown with classic drops.

Princess Mary

Princess Mary’s tastes are not the simplest. For her the more to add to an outfit the best. The royal loves rocking almost shoulder length drops.

Queen Letizia

She has a wardrobe filled with dresses and structured suits and loves to play around with accessories. She has often been spotted rocking statement jewels.

(Photo Credit: Evoke, trends4us, Kennedy jewellers)