The Only Clothing Pieces You Need To Build a Perfect Wardrobe


It is a daily routine for us to decide what to wear in a mad rush to go to work or for other events. You are fine with hair and makeup but what do even wear first? Getting dressed in a mad rush is the most stressful, however, it can be totally easy if you build a wardrobe full of go-to pieces. These are items that can be easily mixed and matched.

It is not necessary for you to have just these items in your closet but if you have these clothing pieces you are pretty much ready for anything.

A white tee

Hunt for the perfect white tee you can make a go-to piece of. V-neck or crew slim fit or oversized this is a staple casual and comfortable clothing piece that doesn’t make you look sloppy and can be easily paired with jeans or for dressing down a fancier skirt.

A Navy Blazer

Not they are not just limited to the boardrooms. A navy blazer is pretty versatile structured top especially a navy tailored blazer displays that you mean business but also have creates a style statement. You can pair them with anything from boyfriends jeans to dress pants.

An A-line Midi skirt

You will be a fan of this go-to piece that gives you a flattering and sophisticated silhouette especially in neutral hues. For summer you can wear them barelegged. For winters wear them with tights. You have for yourself a foolproof alternative for a dress which is easy and looks put together always.

A silky camisole

Wear it beneath a blazer or on its own, this piece of clothing can be sweet if tucked into an A-line midi skirt or sexy if tucked into a curve-hugging pencil skirt. It all depends on your mood how you will style a versatile silky camisole.

A Striped Shirt

So get yourself a striped shirt making you look like the French girl. And why you may ask, simply because French girls are eternally chic. And this is one way to copy their style. A long sleeved striped shirt with a boat neck is a casual option to spice up your weekend jeans and tee.

A White pant

You may choose skinny white jeans. But you can class up with a wide leg version which adds style and sophistication to your wardrobe.


(Photo credit: Pinterest)