Clothing Items Men Wear That Are a Total Turn Off For Women


You thought it was so complicated to understand women’s taste. But turns out they aren’t really. On a recent Reddit post related to the biggest fashion and grooming blunders women readers actually gave their vote and raised their voice against some clothing mistakes that totally turn them off. Every man should take a note or two.

Here are the clothing items men wear that are a total turn off for women.

Skinny men wearing oversized or loose clothes for the illusion of bulk. Start wearing clothes according to your body type.

Crocs are turning women off. It is said your footwear speaks a lot about your personality so don’t let your crocs speak.

A cap worn backward reflects a douchebag personality.

Plaid shorts! What is it still 2003?

Beard that looks like pubes, seriously invest in a good trimmer and beard oil. Groom for God’s sake.

Baldness camouflaged hideously makes you look like a fool. Embrace it, shave your head completely.

Not wearing a belt with a loose bottom and showing off your butt crack should be avoided.

Cargo pants are off the vogue and unappealing so ditch them, please.

Ties that are either too long or too short, find the perfect length.

High socks? Not anymore.

Neck hair should be trimmed. Man invented trimmer for a reason to get rid of the neck hair.

Not wearing a tailored suit makes you look reckless, shabby and what not. Tailors are your savior.

Front pleated pants make your crotch look funny.

Shirts that reveal your belly, seriously crop top is not your thing. Go for a long shirt.

Running shoes to work? Where are you running to at work?

White socks with dress pants could be pulled off by Michael Jackson only. Period!

Match your belt and shoe colors. Consider it a fashion rule.

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