Check out these signs which say that the Girl in your life is using you!


Girls these days are very tricky. She might convince you that she’s really into you but she also might be using you. Today or tomorrow that girl will definitely show her real colors, which is going to hurt you really a lot.

Find out below if she’s worth your time or not:

  1. Does your girl calls you late night when she needs you? But when you call to talk to her she is always busy or avoiding calls.
  2. She is never eager to hang around with you usually but only when she is getting bored she calls you up.

3. She always expects you to patiently listen to whatever problems she has to share with you, but when it comes to her, she never listens to you. She easily gets distracted, starts a new topic on which she wants to talk about or she starts playing with her phone.

4. She takes you to parties because she has no one to go along with her but begins to ignore you as soon as she meets her friends there. She never tries to make you feel comfy between her group of friends.

5. She is very convenient about the fact that you are going to pay every time you’ll go out together.

6. The girl is always taking advantage of your chivalry and is always asking you for favors. You are always covering her when her parents call, you accompany her when she goes shopping and she has her girl friends busy, you also get her phone recharged along with completing assignments too.

7. You always pick her up and drop you back. She never cares about you or your health or your problems. She is basically making you her dog.

8. She never calls you on her own or returns your call or your texts, until it beneficial for her in some way obviously. She is all the time giving excuses such as “I’m so sorry” or “Oh, I forgot, I was about to reply to you but.” Whereas when you do the same thing to her, she goes mad at you.

9. She never apologizes when she makes mistakes; rather she turns the table around by crying. It ends up with you giving her comfort even when she was at fault.

10. She keeps looking for your sympathy. It is always like she is with you only to make you feel better about her.

11. That girl tries to make her ex boyfriend jealous of you. She is very surprisingly flirtatious with her ex or with her friends. While it makes you feel good about yourself, you should also know she’s just using you as a device for her individual gain.

12. Maximum times she makes you cancel out your plans for her and then refuses you at the last moment. What’s bad is that she never feels sorry for this insensitivity.

13. And the last and the biggest thing is, she refuses to acknowledge the relationship even when she waits for you to do everything a boyfriend does for his girlfriend. She keeps on reminding you that you are just friends.

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Were you able to relate to any of these points or were you able to relate to all of the above? If yes! You need to wake up! And walk off before she traps you deeper.