How You Can Repurpose the Old Banarasi Saree to Give a little Desi Swag to Your Wardrobe


Every woman needs the heritage banarasi silk saree in her wardrobe. The saree has been present in every home owned by our mothers or grandmothers. This exquisite brocade and zari embroidered weaved saree has been handed down for generations as a vintage piece. However, this saree cannot be worn on a regular basis and the conditions of handed down sarees are not always proper.

So how do you repurpose the saree and not let it lay in dust in the cupboard? Here are ways to upcycle it to be able to incorporate it in your closets easily; to give the heritage weave a modern spin and your regular outfits an upgrade.

Turn the saree into a gorgeous skirt

Take inspiration and run to your tailor to get either a pleated or flare pattern of your choice.

Or a lehenga

If you are looking for something traditional yet to have a modern touch then transforming the saree into a lehenga would be apt.

Make it a banarasi dress

The material and pattern of the saree are so cool to play with and you can transform it totally into a great dress piece.

Make a kurta out of it

Repurposing is such fun. The things that are rotting in your closet can be used well and also cater to the latest trends.

Or a jacket

Long jackets and kurta jackets are really fashionable and making something out of the banarasi saree will look totally graceful.

Tailor it into a banarasi top which can be used as a blouse too

As all look for unique pieces for a top one can always get an exclusive attire by making a banarasi top or blouse.

How does a cool banarasi pant sound?

Yup, produce a pant of the banarasi saree. You can either make a trouser, culottes or tight leggings out of it.

Make a couple of stole with it

For a plain salwar and kameez with a dark shade, you can pair this banarasi stole for a very one of its kind look.

(Photo credit: scoopwhoop, trendhunterstatic, amazonaws, blogspot, designandvogue)