Mumbai: 24-Year-Old CA Renounces All Worldly Pleasures, To Live The Life Of A Jain Monk


Riches and luxuries are something all of us crave for in life. A wonderful house, beautiful cars, and a lot of money to buy everything else that our heart desires. We read about the lives of the wealthy and wish to be there ourselves.


It is not an exaggeration to say that most of us would be happy to live such lives. Most but not all.

Some of us are not satisfied with this life and this worldly pleasure and realise that something larger and better is waiting for them the end of the road.

One such person in CA Mokshesh Shah who has decided to give it all up to become a Jain monk, as per media reports.

After a grand procession on April 19th, Mokshesh will take Diksha and start a new life the next day. In Jainism, Diksha is a ritual of renunciation or initiation. CA Mokshesh lives in Kolhapur, Maharashtra with his family and has been handling his family business which has a turnover of Rs 100 crore per year.

Mokshesh’s family owns JK Corporation, a leading manufacturer & supplier of packaging material corrugated roll, thermocol, magic seal bag from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. The company has interests in diamond, metal and sugar industries.

Mokshesh says,

”If money could buy everything, all rich people would have been happy. Eternal happiness is not about getting something but leaving something. After becoming CA, I spend two years in business but realized that I have to increase the balance of virtue in the balance sheet of myself and that’s why I have decided to take diksha and become a Jain monk.”

His parents, who did not agree to Mokshesh to take diksha last year, have complied to his wishes.

He will become a Jain monk at an elaborate ceremony to be held at Tapovan Circle on the Gandhinagar-Ahmedabad road.

Mokshesh has had a brilliant academic career but was always spiritually inclined. His family said that he would be the first man to take to asceticism, though the family has seen five women from the family to become Jain Sadhvis.

Others who have walked the path of spirituality

12-year-old Bhavya Shah gave away all his all fancy cars and stylish clothes to join an order of Jain monks. Bhavya is a son of a Surat-based diamond merchant. His family supported his decision of taking diksha. Recently, the little boy took diksha in the presence of around 400-450 Jain monks and around 7000 people.

Sanket Parekh, a 29-year-old IIT engineer renounced the world in a ceremony in Mumbai, in January, 2018.

Sumit and Anamika Rathore, decided to leave their three-year-old daughter in the care of her grandparent in September last year. They also left behind a 100 crore property behind.

Varshil Shah took to spirituality in June, 2017 after he had scored 90% in his board exams.

These examples, much like Mokshesh’s own show how worldly pleasures become meaningless and even all the riches in the world stop meaning anything.

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