Here Is How Indian Billionaires Are Coming Forward To Fight Against Coronavirus


The coronavirus pandemic has created a panic and threat to humanity in the past few weeks. More than 16,000 people have died so far due to this deadly virus. Coronavirus cases in India have touched a mark of 500 and are rising every day. Furthermore, now several Indian billionaires and their firms are coming forward to help people in this situation. Here are some –

Reliance Group

reliance group coronavirus के लिए इमेज नतीजे

Reliance has announced to increase production capacity to one lakh masks per day given the Coronavirus epidemic, provide free fuel to vehicles carrying COVID 19 patients as well as to provide free food in various cities. Moreover, the company said in a statement that the hospital run by its CSR (Company Social Responsibility) unit has set up a 100-bed for coronavirus patients. Reliance will also will pay full wages to permanent and contract workers of their company.

Mahindra Group

Anand Mahindra has stated that his company will start manufacturing ventilators and would convert all its Mahindra Holidays resorts into healthcare centers. He furthermore announced in his tweet that he would contribute his full salary for the welfare of the small business, self-employed people, etc.

He has also said that his company would encourage colleagues to contribute voluntarily.

Vendata Group

 Anil Agarwal, chairman of Vedanta Resources Limited, has also pledged to give a grant of Rs 100 crore for fighting against coronavirus. Anil Agarwal announced this news through his official twitter handle.


Paytm has stated that it will contribute five crore rupees to Indian researchers for developing drug/vaccine of coronavirus. Paytm founder and CEO Vijay Shekhar Sharma said this in a tweet.

Axis Bank

Axis bank has announced to release funding of 100 crores for helping to prevent coronavirus spread. Moreover, the bank has decided to waive off all the additional charges to get waived off during an online transaction. Above all, according to an official statement, the bank stated – “Axis Bank stands one with the nation, in its battle to ward off the biggest threat in recent times. Moreover, at this point, it’s critical to join hands, support people and communities to stand together in our fight against the pandemic.”