Businessman Shahid Khan Once Washed Dishes for $1.20 an Hour Now His Net worth is $4.4 Billion


This is the success story of Shahid Khan, an eminent Pakistani-American Businessman who is an automobile parts manufacturer in Illinois and owns the Jacksonville Jaguars of the NFL.

Khan was born in Lahore and at the age of 16 moved to America with great dreams. He aspired to be an architect. He was determined to work hard to achieve his dreams which led him to wash dishes in a restaurant for $1.20 per hour in order to pay for his expenses. On 1971, he graduated with B.Sc in Industrial Engineering from UIUC College of Engineering. In the year 1991, he became a U.S citizen.

Even while studying Khan began his career path by working with Flex-N-Gate. Later after graduation, he was offered the post of Engineering Director of the firm. Shahid Khan was the pioneer of Bumper Works. This was the division which was specialized in producing car bumpers for body shop repairs and personalized pickup trucks.

In 2010, Khan endeavored to possess an NFL team. There was an agreement to acquire 60% of St. Louis Rams. But Stan Kroenke who was a minority shareholder prevented it by implementing a clause in his ownership which led to the agreement to be nullified. But the resolute Khan purchased the Jacksonville Jaguars from Wayne Weavers after the approval of NFL in 2011.

Presently Khan is on the board of the NFL Foundation. He has a boundless thirst for success. He got into negotiations to purchase the London Soccer Club Fulham and in the same year, the deal was finalized however the deal was kept confidential.

In 1980, Khan bought Flex-N-Gate in just a period of nine years and made the company the sole suppliers for the complete Toyota line in the US. Now, if this isn’t the ultimate rags to riches story then what is. Forbes magazine in the year 2012 featured Khan on its front cover.

It is significant to mention that he was the first ever member of an ethnic minority to own an NFL team. Khan stands as a symbol to “the face of American Dream”. In the year 2011, for Khan’s philanthropic work in the state, he was bestowed with the title of “Lincoln Laureate” by the Lincoln Academy of Illinois.

(Photo Credit: Forbes, The Express Tribune, Success Stories)