Best Tops You Can Wear With Midi Skirts


Women can wear the humble midi skirt and instantly look sophisticated and work ready. It can be worn frequently and is very comfortable. But most often the question of what the hell should I pair it with arises.

Read on for your answer. Here are best tops you can wear with midi skirts and then you don’t have to fuss everytime you decide to wear your midi skirt.

A simple white button down

It is our wardrobe’s most versatile component. A crisp white button down shirt will look as absolutely chic with a pleated midi skirt as it does with boyfriend jeans. If you are not going for a businessy look then you can just cuff the sleeves the right way.

A gray t-shirt

Gray t-shirt has its own style you can either get a tomboy look or a half girlie girl look with it. You can wear a simple gray t-shirt tucked into a sweet midi skirt. This is a combination you can never go wrong with. You can even wear a white t-shirt but it is a very common thing to do. Gray is unexpected and different.

A boxy crop top

The silhouette will only display a slight hint of skin, whereas if you go for a tight fitting crop there are chances of displaying a little much.  A boxy version of crop top is much more relaxed and age appropriate.

A ruffled blouse

This will become your new favorite office look. Your midi skirt doesn’t have to be patterned and your top need not be neon. However, a ruffled blouse with silky midi which is much ladylike and adding classic pumps to the whole look is a formula you will rely on at all times.

A slouchy sweater

When you have chilly days, you can go for a sweater or jumper that is slouchy in proportion and pair it with your skirt to look fashionable with all the comfort. Make sure you tuck the sweater to not be swallowed by all the fabric.

(Photo Credit: wheretoget, celebuzz, gurl, Pinterest)