Basic Rules for Men about Wearing Shoes


Wearing shoes was just a matter of necessity earlier. However these days it is more of an essential part of men’s outfit. It is a vital part of an outfit which has the capacity to either make or break your looks. It is now essential for you to wear the right kind and know the basic rules.

No one should miss the details and so here are the most basic rules that men usually go wrong about.

Wear no-show socks for the ‘no socks’ look

Don’t go without socks but wear no-show socks instead. This will help your feet to not sweat and you can wear your shoes more comfortably.

Grab a variety of options

Those days are gone where you could do with two pairs usually one formal and one casual. Start having options in shoes like you would do for any other clothing pieces.

Avoid the white socks except for maybe trainers

White socks should be worn usually with trainers so avoid wearing them with either your formal or casual shoes.

Casual shoes are different from trainers

Casual ones are meant for parties and other social gatherings for instance sneakers, loafers, or boat shoes.

Avoid wearing the decade-old boxy square shaped footwear

We are not in 1980’s so stop wearing these shows anymore. They are super not in style.

Avoid shiny black shoes with denim

Shiny black footwear is meant for suits only.

Avoid socks with sandals at all cost

Wearing sandals is cool but it is meant for letting your feet breathe so why would want to wear socks.

Wear more colorful loafers

You may be in love with your basic loafers so why not add colors to it. They can work well different outfits for variety look.

Match the color of your belt with your footwear

Yes, you should match your belt with your shoes for all outfits if you already aren’t following this. This accentuates your figure and makes for a perfect outfit.

(Photo credit: birchbox, man-man)