Avoid These Fashion Blunders While Wearing a Necktie


A necktie is more than just a simple piece of cloth tied around your neck. A good necktie communicates class and can take the shirt and trouser look to a completely different level. But most men don’t know the basic rules of wearing a necktie and make some common mistakes.

Here are the fashion blunders that men make while wearing a necktie and tips on how to avoid them.

The length

Some don’t know the proper length and end up wearing ties too short or too long looking shabby and awkwardly dressed. As a thumb rule remember the tie should end just where the belt lies. Anything too higher than that or too lower below the zip is a complete fail. It should also depend on your height. For short men, a ration of 60:40 would work while for tall men a ratio of 75:25 works well.

With short sleeved shirts

This is one of the biggest mistakes one makes with neckties. The short-sleeved shirt is a casual attire and pairing it with necktie which is formal accessory is a total blunder. They reflect opposite styles of dressing. Neckties are best worn with a dress shirt and obviously suits.

Loud neckties with loud shirts

Neckties of a bright hue with an equally bright colored shirt or prints totally negate their effect. The bright shirt can be toned down by a neutral or light hue tie and vice versa. The focus should be one of the both and not both as they call for negative attention.

The Knot

A dimpled necktie other than the center gives out a bad impression. A well-formed four in hand knot is best for an easy look and a double Windsor knot is a little more detailed hence worn for formal events.

Shirt collar smaller than necktie

People actually wear collars too narrow to hide the tie border. Always ensure your shirt collar is wide enough to hide the necktie border.

(Photo credit: Pinterest)