Amazing Ted Talks Every Women in Her 20’s Must Watch


If you wish to be inspired to take the plunge towards your dream project that you are passionate about, then you must watch an inspiring Ted talk. Here are few must watch Ted talks covering unconventional ways to deal with the challenges that every 20 something faces.

Here are some all star speakers who talk from marriage to money and offer life lessons that each woman need in her 20s. Start making notes!

How to Stop Screwing Yourself Over- Mel Robbins

Mel Robbins is a criminal lawyer and greatly valued relationship and life coach. She is popular for her no- nonsense attitude and her “tell it like it is” approach in order to help her clients achieve their goals. Her thoughts on the word “fine” will give anyone the necessary kick of motivation to live the life they always wanted.

Weird or Just Different- Derek Sivers

Derek Sivers in about 5 minutes makes us realize that our assumptions on everyday things are just our interpretations of the world. Everyone must be considerate of the fact that different people have different ways of appreciating the shared experiences. When you are mindful of this thought at work, it will strengthen your communication skills and let you embrace certain new and often beneficial perspectives.

Confessions of a Bad Feminist- Roxane Gay

Roxane Gay who is a writer identifies herself as a “Bad Feminist” as there are great expectations that most of the feminist stereotypes portray. Her talk is comedic yet penetrative assuring that feminism comes in many ways. And it is not wrong in defining your activism as you perceive it.

Why 30 is not the new 20- Meg Jay

Clinical psychologist Dr. Meg Jay asks the twenty something in America to stop wasting their time. According to her our twenties are a time when all the things we do and don’t do affects our lives significantly across years and even decades to come.

The Person You Really Need to Marry- Tracy McMillan

Most focus on looking for the right person to marry instead of trying to become their own best selves. Tracy McMillan is a television writer and three-time divorcee who suggests how marrying yourself is the ultimate relationship that you will maintain.

Why You Will Fail At Your Career- Larry Smith

This economist emphasizes the difference between interests and passions and discusses why people slack or are scared to follow their dreams. Finances, family commitments are some of the excuses people use that hinders them to aspire.

How to Make Tough Choices- Ruth Chang

Here is a talk that can really change the way you handle tough decisions. Ruth Chang employs her life experiences as examples to give you a new set of tools to make the toughest decisions in your life.

Go with Your Gut Feeling- Magnus Walker

If you are the entrepreneur type of women Magnus Walkers quite personal talk is a must watch for you. He is the former CEO of rock clothing company Hot Topics. He displays that detailed life plans might not be the element you need for success. Hard work ethic and a keen intuition can transform all of the situations into a rewarding opportunity. According to him, “passion goes a long way.”