How to Always Look Dapper


You may choose the best of clothing but still, it won’t guarantee you a dapper look. Surely the best clothes help however you should know how to dress up to look smart every day. For a professional life looking elegant becomes essential. It helps you for making better first impressions.

That being said dressing up good and smart is very important and here are ways you can get started to always look dapper.

A basic suit (black or blue)

There’s no doubt formal clothes make anyone look elegant instantly. So you must at least invest in one basic fitted blue or black suit, blue or black because those are universal colors.

Two pairs of good jeans (blue and black)

Two pair of good jeans is a must in any man’s wardrobe because it is something you can rely on whenever you are confused about choosing an outfit.

Everything fitted will make any clothing elegant


Fitted clothes will make you look smarter than loose fitting clothes which will make you appear shabby. It doesn’t matter how branded the clothing pieces are you will look untidy wearing loose fitted clothes.

Choose more of Polo t-shirts

If you wish to look more dapper and sharp swap the round neck t-shirts with polo neck ones. You can opt for round neck t-shirts for in-house occasions and not for outside.

One key lies in grooming

Have a neat haircut, if you have beard have it well kept and involve in more of grooming etiquettes to look extremely smart. Just a perfect outfit will not help you in looking sharp, however, grroming completes your entire attire.

Up your shoe game

Shoes are another key that potentially makes you look sharper. If you wish to look like smart gentlemen then invest in a pair of good and comfortable shoes and should be neatly polished and taken care of.