7 Things That EVERY Girl Needs To Get Rid Of Right Now!


This is a fact, ladies – you don’t need to have it all and you definitely don’t need to keep everyone happy. However, you do have a sure shot at keeping one person happy. You know who that is? Yes, it’s you yourself! All you need to do is clear the clutter from your life. Do you think it’s easy said than done? Well, we have a cheat sheet for you. Here is a list of things that every girl should say goodbye to, right away!

That unhealthy social media habit

It is unhealthy and you can not deny it. Wasting time over aesthetically pleasing pictures of your neighbour’s cousin’s lunch? Is it Worth? And with each passing minute we have realised that oversharing personal details on social media gives us nothing. Once you stop doing it you will know the amount of free time you have in your life. Time to pick up that book you’ve been meaning to read!

Anything you hold against yourself

When you are done with everything you needed to do, try making out time for yourself. All those thoughts which bringing you down, throw them out of your head. What best is to pamper yourself with some self-love!

That obsession with fitting into your old jeans

There is a thin line between being self-conscious and obsessing about your weight. It is fine to monitor yourself to stay healthy, but never a good idea to let it play with your mind. So, if needed, get rid of that weighing machine!

Old clothes that are invading precious space in your wardrobe

Sure, there is nostalgia attached to that old (but cute!) dress you have in your wardrobe, but that dress is doing nothing but cluttering your closet. You haven’t worn it in years and you probably won’t, ever! Make room for good things (read: new trends) by giving away old ones. Especially when you can get a discount from Myntra for exchanging old clothes! With their new programme, Myntra Fashion Upgrade, your old clothes would be given to an NGO called Goonj. So, you’re decluttering your wardrobe and doing a good deed.

That one relationship that never ends

If you’re looking for a sign, then consider this to be the one. There is no point going back to an unhealthy relationship. There’s a reason it broke the first time around! Drop it before it starts taking your mind off the good things in life. Be brave, girl. You are worth so much more.

Those debts that keep piling up

While it will take a little while to manage those expenses, you must learn that the first step is to steer clear of any debts. You want to start afresh by saving! This one tiny change will have a major impact on your peace of mind.

One-sided friendships

AKA – frenemies. It’s about time that you get rid of people you feel obligated to meet. People who are mere social media friends and who really make no substantial contribution to your life. Cut the cord, guys! It’s okay to move on and remember that quality is always better than quantity.