5 Advices That Can Change Your Perspective Towards Life!


In this modern day life, negativity has been so dominant that each one of us today is busy fighting with one or the another.

In this modern day world, we all think we are right at our places…. which is not bad actually. Bad is when superimposing our righteousness over others. Whether with someone or even our own selves, we are 24/7 in a state of conflict.

So, here we go for 5 major advicable quotes that can change your entire perspective about life and fill in some positivity in between!

1. There’s No Right or Wrong In this World.

No one is against you or is born to hate you, really. It just that their stand regarding a thing is different than yours. And so, conflict happens. They aren’t right and neither are you or you both are! There are just various perspectives to have the outlook.

2. Be Self-Centered But Not Selfish.

There can be three kinds of men in this world- one man sees himself at the first place and his topmost priority, second who sees himself as his only priority and third who does not see himself as his priority at all. First is a lot of self-centered men, second being the selfish and third being the kind or humble.

In life, it is wisest to be self-centered as that advocates being self-dependent yet giving. This helps the man to be righteous yet not stupid. A self-centered man can retain friends without suffering any loss. He only gives when he has some extra to giveaway.

A selfish man only thinks about himself, never gives anything and fails to gather allies, where a kind man can become broke by doing things for others even when he is not in a position too. He does not get any friends and most people use him for nothing.

3. Expect Nothing, Accept Everything

Wishful thinking always leads to disappointments. So avoid making false wishes and plans. Take life one at a time. Accept as it comes to you and does not complain about it.

The expectation is good spoilers of character. They bring dissatisfaction and sadness. You are where you have bought yourself. So, stop whining about something you were not warranted in life and start doing what you love (or loving what you do). This will not only make you satisfied but also more practical as a man.

4. Make Mistakes, But Do not Repeat the Same One Twice.

It is okay to make mistakes. Everyone does. Mistakes make us realize how human we are, how brave we are to take risks in life and how vulnerable we can be two things. But, do not repeat the mistake you have made. That is stupidity. Take each new mistake as a lesson of what not to do in life again.

5. Failure Is Bad But Essential.

As they say, failure is an essential teacher. And everyone has his share of failure. Failure builds character. Because it is the only failure that teaches us the true meaning of success. And it is only the fear of failure that keeps us motivated to remain successful. So, if you have not faced failure, you should fear it. And when it comes to you accept it and climb on. It will shape your destiny and define who you truly are inside.