Startup Develops AI That Can Detect Machine Failure By Simply Listening To Sounds


A new AI service developed by 3Dsignals, an Israel based startup is doing wonders! The AI system can detect an impending failure in cars or other machines, just by listening to the sound. The system depends on deep learning technique to identify the noise patterns of a car. 

As per reports, 3Dsignals promises to reduce machinery downtime by 40% and improve efficiency. If everything goes according to the plan, 3Dsignals can increase their market to predictive care maintenance of cars, power plants and factories. 

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This startup could become a leader in the advancement of deep learning by listening to general sounds.

Co-founder of 3D signals Yair Lavi said that passengers in driverless cabs only care about reaching their destination on time. No one’s interested in maintenance and AI can warn the fleet owners about any issues beforehand so that it is dealt with in a timely fashion.

Heavy industries operating big and heavy equipment are some of the first few clients of this AI technology.

“It’s important for us to be specialists in general acoustic deep learning because the research literature does not cover it,” Lavi added.

AI has been making immense progress in various industries, and with this recent development one can visualise the real future potential of deep learning and AI.

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