2 Engineers Quit Their Jobs to Sell Tea and Are Now Running Million Dollar Business


This is the story of Abhinav Tandon and Pramit Sharma who are young engineers who instead of pursuing their engineering career launched their own startup business. Their idea of a startup is very simple selling quality tea to the common people. This simple idea is now earning in crores annually.

Abhinav and Pramit are software and electrical engineer respectively. After completing their college both were placed in multinational companies separately with heavy packages. They were keen on starting up their own business and used to read a lot of business magazines during their engineering days.

There was a lack of capital. Both friends agreed upon opening a business with a minimum investment that generates more employment opportunities. Hence to take off they left their jobs and launched first tea shop with Rs 1 Lakh capital in Sector 16 Noida. Both the friends had saved this money from their salaries.

Throughout college and job days both of them bought tea from the street vendors that had very low quality. Here was the inception of the idea of launching a business of selling high-quality tea to people.

The tea retail store was named Chai Calling. Within few days they received loyal customers by serving the best quality and pure tea to the people. The friend’s venture gave a solution to most tea lovers. The common people are delivered hot and quality tea at their doorstep as and when they desire.

The innovated fast home delivery of hot tea and named it “Chai Brigade” providing hot and quality tea within 15 minutes. At present they have 12 functioning tea stalls and are keen towards expanding their venture into other cities. They offer 15 varieties of tea which cost around Rs 5 to 25.

The annual turnover of their business has reached crores of rupees. It is inspiring how these youngsters chose to run business over continuing their well paid white collar jobs to provide employment opportunities as well as bring quality service to others.

(Photo Credit: India engineers, startup scribble, Hindi Ustad)