All You Need To Know About The Zanco Tinty T1: The World’s Smallest Phone Is Now Available In India!


Smartphones have gone advanced and bigger than we would have ever imagined. Most of those flagship machines now emphasize an edge-to-edge display and a fancy software.

However, there’s still a phone that is meagerer than your thumb and it doesn’t highlight any of the things stated above.

The phone is called the Zanco Tinty T1 and it is the world’s smallest phone. When you first gaze at the phone, you might overlook it for a toy.

However, it can perform everything a proverbial mobile phone can- make calls, send texts and tell you the time.

It has a comprehensive numeric keyboard and also features a tiny OLED display. The display has a resolution of 64×32, which is pitifuller than the resolution on my vape device!

Being a petite phone, you can presume it to do only basic tasks and it only operates on 2G networks.

It isn’t as effectual as a smartphone, therefore you will only be narrowed to making phone calls and reading texts. The phone adopts two nano sim cards and can save up to 300 contacts. It can collect up to 50 recent calls and 50 recent SMS messages.

The thumb-sized phone is extremely affordable and could be a salutary option for people who like to disengage from the Internet or require a device for contingency constancies.

The phone produces 3 days of standby time and has 180 minutes of talk time on a secluded charge. It’s also a real backup-giver on a night out or any instant where you don’t aspire to carry a fat phone but still want the reassurance of staying connected. The Tiny T1 is available on Zanco’s Kickstarter page and it currently costs INR 3,200.