You Should Never Say These Things In Texts


We often send texts that we wish we had not or there are times when we receive a text that confused you, hurt you, or made you angry? 

Texting is a bad framework for building relationships. Face-to-face is where relationships live and thrive.

Here are 8 specific things to avoid while texting:

Complaints. You should always avoid complaints. Because they can’t hear your voice, they have no idea how big a deal something is to you. Does it warrant a breakup? Are you mildly annoyed? Or are you just playing? 

Insults. Insults, like complaints, aren’t any more fun to read than they are to hear and can be confusing. Also, you might regret what you said later when you’ve had more time to think about it. When it comes to negativity over text: Just don’t. 

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Explanations and apologies. Big and confusing explanations may be too complex for text. You won’t do yourself any favors by writing instead of talking. Instead, try, “I owe you an apology(link is external). Can we meet tonight?” Then take all the time you need to say it in person.

Questions about the other person’s behavior. “Why didn’t you text me back yesterday?” or “R u mad at me?” Give the person a chance to explain without making their thumbs fall off. Meet them face to face, or the least voice to voice, before asking the question.

Bombshells. Both negative and positive big news like, “I think I love you” is best dropped in person or at least in real time. Most folks dislike getting bombshells via text and might think less of you for doing it. 

Heavy topics. Texting wasn’t invented as a substitute for serious conversations about heavy topics. Wait for, or create, a face-to-face opportunity if you want to discuss these.

Private information. Credit card numbers, naked photos – anything you wouldn’t want to see posted all over the Internet should not be shared via texts. Hackers are everywhere and could gain access to your messages without your knowledge or permission.

Secrets. Always assume your message could end up in front of the wrong pair of eyes. Avoid risk. Just don’t tell secrets over texts.

Avoid these and then text away! 

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